Alternative therapy options

The hormonal changes, which lead to the menopause, occur in all women after a certain age, but they do not necessarily cause any symptoms. On average, about a third of women do not feel any noticeable impairments, a third are appreciably affected by them and a third feel very burdened in their daily activities by the symptoms associated with the hormonal turbulence. The symptoms strike over a time period centred between 45 and 55 years.  

The most important predictor of success is to do something yourself to improve your health. In addition to the usual treatment options, the following alternative therapies exist:

Why acupuncture during menopause?

One branch of traditional Chinese medicine is acupuncture. It rests upon the concept of meridians, pathways in the body along which the life force Qi circulates. By placing fine acupuncture needles at the appropriate points, disturbances in this energy flow can be rectified. Chinese medicine views menopause as having a different cause. From its viewpoint, the life force of the kidneys is disturbed, there is a deficiency in kidney Qi, which also weakens the ovaries and uterus. By stabilising the affected Qi by needling of the corresponding points on the meridians, the life force to the kidneys, ovaries and uterus is strengthened. Disharmony in these organs resolves.

Researchers in Taiwan have been able to prove that acupuncture can positively influence the strength and frequency of hot flashes.

Oriental relaxation exercises during menopause: Qigong, Yoga or Tai Chi

Oriental relaxation exercises can be a good alternative for the symptoms of menopause. Tai Chi and Qigong are meditative movement patterns, which derive from traditional Chinese medicine. 

  • Qigong is a form of Chinese meditation, concentration and movement which cultivates body and mind. It involves exercises in breathing, body, movement, concentration and meditation, which are thought to harmonise and regulate the flow of Qi. 
  • Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese movement form, which is mainly distinguished by its slow-motion movements with concentrated breathing. Today, many millions of people all over the world practice Tai Chi. 
  • Yoga is an Indian philosophical doctrine which is meant to bring the body, mind and breathing into harmony. Through careful monitoring of the breathing, the capacity to concentrate is increased and stress is relieved.
Bach flowers during the menopause

Bach flowers during the menopause

Bach flowers were discovered about 90 years ago by the renowned British doctor and bacteriologist Dr. Edward Bach. Dissatisfied with his work, which focussed more on the disease itself than the people who were suffering from it, he devoted himself to homeopathic treatment methods. Bach recognised that he could activate the natural healing capacities in his patients’ bodies by working directly on peoples’ feelings and individual personalities. He identified a total of 38 fundamental emotional states and flower essences, which corresponded with each of these emotional states.

The essences in Bach flowers can therefore have a positive effect on emotional harmony.

Several examples of how the Bach flowers can support you: 

  • Change 
    If you are finding it difficult to accept the menopausal period of your life, then walnut essence can help you to circumvent difficulties better.
  • Anxiety 
    If you are unusually anxious and nervous and do not know why, then aspen can restore your equilibrium.
  • Façade 
    Are you unable to tell or show other people how you really are and what you are suffering internally? Try the flower essence agrimony. It can help you to make your true feelings known and to accept that life also has less pleasant aspects. 
  • Loss of control 
    When you are afraid of suddenly losing control and e.g. of exploding, then cherry plum may be the right flower for you. It can help you release the internal tension and to become calmer and behave more calmly. 
  • Feeling of self-worth 
    Do you no longer feel well in your own skin? With essence of crab apple, you can win back a positive attitude to yourself and your body with all its shortcomings. 
  • Excessive demands 
    Do you feel overstretched by your duties or responsibilities? The elm flower can help you recover your normal capacity and self-assurance. You only take on as many tasks as you can handle and have more time for your own needs. 
  • Despondency 
    Do you feel easily disheartened or despondent as soon as things get out of hand or difficulties arise? Gentian can help you to regain your courage. You will be able to approach difficulties with a positive attitude again. 
  • Past
    Honeysuckle can help you if you often dwell on memories from the past. The flower can help you to accept the current phase of life better. 
  • Sadness
    If you suddenly feel very sad for no reason, then take mustard, which can help you to rediscover your zest for life. 
  • Lethargy 
    Following a period of physical and mental strain, olive essence can restore your energy. 
  • Thought carousel  
    Your thoughts go around in circles of restless confusion and you cannot switch them off. Try white chestnut. It can help your thoughts become calmer and more balanced. .
  • Resignation 
    You have given up and have just accepted an unpleasant situation. Take wild rose, which can restore your active interest in life.
  • Self-pity 
    Are you drowning in self-pity or embittered? Willow can help you to forget past injustices and lets you take back control of your own destiny.
  • Acupuncture is based on the concept of meridians, pathways in the body through which the life energy Qi circulates. By inserting fine acupuncture needles at the correct points, disturbances in the energy flow can be relieved. 
  • Qigong is a form of Chinese meditation, concentration and movement which cultivates body and mind 
  • Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese movement style, which is particularly characterised by slow-motion movements with concentrated breathing.
  • Yoga is an Indian philosophical doctrine which is meant to bring the body, mind and breathing into harmony.
  • Bach flowers The essences of Bach flowers can have a positive effect on spiritual harmonisation.